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Pucker Powder is the hottest selling candy product
for kids of all ages.

These exciting interactive dispensing machines are great for a backyard parties, or hire the extra large bulk machines for large events.Pucker Powder Machine on by Tent

   Contact Us for hire details.Pucker Powder Portable

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Having a party or holding a corporate event?

We have 6 or 12 Flavour machines for hire - here is how it works.

E.G. - If you are holding a party for 30 people you would buy 30 x $8 sticks and you will be delivered a 6 flavour machine and you would then fill your sticks with whatever you want from the machine. Below is a pricing for all customers.

      6 Flavour Machine  (These prices will include powder and sticks)

            People served           Size of sticks                Price

              30 People :                        85cm                          $240
              60 People:                         45cm                          $360
              90 People:                         30cm                          $360
            180 People:                        15cm                          $360

      12 Flavour Machine

            People served             Size of sticks              Price

            60 People:                          85cm                         $480
            120 People:                        45cm                         $720
            180 People:                        30cm                         $720
            360 People:                        15cm                         $720

            A delivery fee may apply.

Pucker powder machines  for Schools, Fetes and all fund raising Ideas

If you want to fund raise we will provide you with 1 or 2  machines without cost to you and you will receive 30% of takings, we have had  great success with most schools taking very good money. Please call and ask what we can do for your fund raising event.

Pucker Powder and Fairy Floss are an awesome and very successful combination in fund raising

To hire any of these machines, print our Booking Form and post or email it to us.

What is Pucker Powder?

Pucker Powder is  high quality sherbert that comes in 13  flavours,

Sour Fruit Punch

Sweet Bubblegum

Sour White Apple

Sour Grape

Sweet Strawberry

Sour Wild Cherry

Sour Lemonade

Sweet Banana

Sour Watermelon

Sour Peach

Sour Pink Lemonade

Sour Green Apple

How does the Pucker Powder machine work?

After purchasing a tube (there are 4 tube sizes, 15cm, 30cm, 45cm and 85cm), you push the tube into the release mechanism this will release the powder into the tube until you release the pressure and then move onto the next flavour making a colourful and tasty experience for all. It’s that simple!


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